Kinta do not work with middlemen. Our suppliers are producers and we see them as our partners. We visit our partners twice a year. Together with our partners we continuously develop new products. This is the core of our cooperation.


Kinta has cooperated with Judith Lorna for more than seven years. She has a small workshop in the hills of Cebu with a breath-taking view of the city and bay. Her employees have been working with Lorna for many years. There is a mutual loyalty. Respect for people and nature is leading in the organization that Judith Lorna has set up so successfully. All products are produced fair-trade.

The majority of Kinta’s seasonal decoration originates from Judith Lorna’s workshop – or the workshops with which she works closely together. Judith Lorna also takes care of the production of wooden spoons and cutlery and other small wooden products. The products are made by very creative and dedicated people. It is always a pleasure to visit Lorna and her team and to work together on a new collection.


Since 2006 Kinta has been working with Ye Shin. She has a workshop that is located in the middle of a modern industrial area outside Manila. It is unusual and remarkable that handicraft is produced in this environment. The production of capiz products is thereby orderly and well organized. The specialty is graphical prints applied to the capiz products.

Ye Shin has continued the business her mother has started more than 20 years ago. Most employees have been working here for years and there is a very friendly atmosphere. The working conditions are also good as is the salary.


In a peaceful rural area, far away from the overpopulated Manila region, Malou has recently established her wood workshop together with her husband Bobby. Malou has more than 15 years of experience in the business of the woodcraft production, exporting woodcraft and owning her own woodcraft workshop. Since 2006 she has been teaming up with Kinta. After some years working as an agent for other producers Kinta encouraged Malou to start again her own woodcraft production in 2017. Bobby and Malou have the ambition to produce and supply the highest quality Filipino woodcraft.

Malou’s workshop count about 30 people. They are proud and skilled craftsmen with a longtime experience and many years of cooperation with Malou. She feels very connected to her people. It is mostly men who work in the wood turning and carving departments, while woman are working in the finishing department. Here is a very relaxed atmosphere.


The latest collaboration that Kinta has entered into (since 2015) is with a ceramic pottery in Vietnam. The workshop is located in a pottery village of Batrang outside Hanoi. Tung and Viet are the youngest generation to lead an old family pottery, which has existed for more than 8 generations, to the 21st century. They are very ambitious and work on continuing a long craft tradition combined with vision for the future. Fair trade is central to this. The company has recently been renovated; it is orderly and clean and has well lit and well ventilated spaces for production.

Apart from the family, it is the nearby farmers who work here when farming is less busy. Production therefore does not always go fast, especially around the harvest time.


We are pleased to introduce our latest partner, which is a family owned producer of handmade glass close to Bangkok, Thailand. The family founded the workshop for more than 40 years ago. It has about 120 employees, many with a long record and some even from the early days. The glass production is handcrafted by experienced glass masters resulting in beautiful and long lasting glass products. The skilled craftmen have accumulated technical expertise in materials and production techniques, using very exclusive and personal techniques. The workshop has a pleasant setting, including a small temple for employee’s use. Now the third generation, where among other Nattadis, is working for a viable future for the family business. It is a pleasure to work with Nattadis and his family, they are very well organized and experienced. Fair trade is self-evident for both of us.