Soapstone (or Kissi stone) is a wonderful material. Its silky character and colour shades of white, pink and grey offer artists a stone they can cut into beautiful shapes. The soapstone is quarried from open mines in the hills round Tabaka in the western Kenyan province Kisi. The material is abundantly available. In Tabaka Kinta works together with several groups of producers which results in a creative assortment of figurines in various forms, colours and sizes.


The artist who designs the figurine finds his inspiration in life and nature. The craftsmen who then produce them take the original design as a basis, but use their own interpretation.

Kinta’s soapstone collection focuses on parents and children with their daily and special moments in life. Kenyan animals such as the rhino or the hippo are also used as a subject. The sculptors let themselves be inspired by the character of the stone. Thus authentic figurines are created which are always unique.


At Kinta’s we focus on the production in the country of origin. This applies to the soapstone collection as well. All figurines are produced in a fair way. The men dig up the stones and carve them into various shapes. Then the women wash the stones, sand, colour and decorate them. There is no child labour and they work at fair wages.