Inspired by the spring rise and the sunset, we have chosen a palette of soft colors, such as carton-like tones in combination with vanilla and the soft green colors that the landscape shows at sunrise. The Sunset colors are the rozy/warm colors that the sky shows at sunset. Bauhaus forms a counterpart as inspiration, with functional black/white combined with bright colors, such as yellow.

The collection will be available from February unless other stated.


In line with the natural, soft tones we introduce our new ceramic line (available from April). The handmade cups have a matt clay gray outside, with a shiny mustard or celadon colored inside. Breakfast in the morning sun, with this ceramic line in combination with the gemilina products, makes a beautiful table setting.


Woodchips, leftover from the wood production, in combination with paper pulp, forms a new material. The irregularity of the chips makes it playful and unique. In the spring collection you will find vases, flowerpots and a tray of wood pulp. Even a hanging flowerpot with beads between the leaves.


We have chosen the warm colors that appears at the sun set. Sienna and rozy, combined with mustard and buff. When the evening falls, the wooden candle holders give the necessary light. Or use the new capiz votives in ton-sur-ton Sunset colors.


Make a tempting table setting with the new Kinta food boards. Ideal for serving snacks or choose the smaller version, suitable for one person, to serve breakfast or a meal. The food boards have an incision handle at the bottom, to make serving easy.


Bring the (spring) outside inside with Kinta’s new marbled capiz pulp vases. The flowerpots are just as waterproof as the vases, thanks to the recycled pot on the inside. The marble effect is clearly visible with the newly used colors such as mustard, airforce blue and grayed mint.


Small houses with colored roofs. Our new bird feeders are a sturdy shelter of acacia wood and easy to hang with the abaca rope. True eye catchers for your garden, it is not only the birds that will be happy.


We have a broad collection of Easter decorations. In bright colors or in pastel shades. These capiz pulp paco eggs in bright colors, ensure a happy easter.






Sleek lines, simple shapes and functionality form the basis of Kinta’s collection inspired by the Bauhaus. For example; the new candle holder beads ‘Bauhaus’ is the result of this. Black and white, combined with bright colors, provide powerful statements in the Easter decoration this spring.