This fall we are inspired by the moon in the theme “Rising Moon”. Nature is essential in our “Wild” theme. Our new ceramic line fits perfectly into both themes. Pure due to the light grey matte clay on the outside and a shiny and colorful inside.


The full collection will be available from mid-August 2019.

cups and teapot pure clay


In the theme “Rising Moon” we are inspired by the colors of the night. The color of the sky translates into blues, greys and anthracite, in combination with the golden color of the moon. An extensive capiz collection with prints in black and gold with natural designs inspired by leaves and insects combines well with each other.


Sorting some larger and small Xmas trees together, as if it a forest, on the decorated table, or in the Christmas tree itself, or just use them for what we made them, as a candleholder. Standing “paco” Xmas trees in capiz pulp. Xmas trees candleholders in natural gmelina wood or different shades of green.

xmas trees capiz pulp
candleholder xmas tree green


From full moon to last quarter and the in between, moon shapes have the focus in our “Rising Moon” Xmas collection. Shiny capiz Xmas balls with designs in gold match our capiz votives and bowls. The moon, in its various forms, comes together in strings of wood (in natural and color) and capiz. Stars and origami-like Xmas shapes made of raw capiz with soldered edges completes the picture.



You sense the grains of the wood through a thin layer of black stain on the outside of our Japanese bowls (on foot). It forms a beautiful contrast to the natural acacia wood on the inside of the bowls. These refined and stylish bowls are eye-catchers on the dinner table.

japanese bowls black dye


Warm earth tones in combination with wood are the core of the “Wild” theme. The earth tones are reflected in our colored wooden bowls and candleholders and also in the tiles capiz votives. Natural shapes and materials, such as acacia wooden spoons and salad servers shaped as a branch. The “mushroom” candleholder in three different sizes is like a picture from the woods.


The Xmas trims in capiz pulp in the shape of a ball, fruit star and tree are equally beautiful from every angle. The colors rozy, buff and sienna belong to each other especially when combined with the green of a Xmas tree, it becomes completely ‘Wild’.

xmas balls capiz pulp
trim tree capiz pulp


The mushroom collection consists of candleholders and bowls. Modern shapes in alternating heights. The best in combination with each other, as in nature, not all are equal.



bowls with foot mushroom


Gold-colored hand-painted large and small dots, irregular as if they were created by nature, make these Xmas balls sparkle. Mix & match these Xmas balls in buff, rozy and sienna with the capiz pulp collection. The “paco” Xmas tree and ball of raw capiz with soldered edges are like works of art, original and handmade.